CCTV Update – Scheme possibly to be extended to a second camera

The most recent Business Association network meeting was held on May 15 at the Clarks Beach Bowling Club.
This was an informative update on the CCTV camera, that has been in operation for several months
at one of the entries to Waiau Pa Clarks Beach.

About 20 local residents were present to hear Business Association Chairman Graham Guy
and Technical Adviser John Williams give a situation overview of the camera, supported by
Community Constable Kevin from Pukekohe Police.

The process of setting up the camera and software needed to run it, was complicated but it
is now running smoothly. John has built up a positive relationship with the Papakura
Business Association who have a number of cameras operating successfully in their area.
Their experience has been helpful to our situation.

Whilst a lot of information surrounding the camera is of a sensitive nature, it was
encouraging to hear that on a number of occasions footage from the camera itself has been
instrumental in helping the police solve criminal cases. General footage was shown to the
audience to show the clarity of the camera although for obvious reasons sensitive
information was obscured.

Community Constable Kevin explained that the camera is definitely a deterrent for offenders.

“It makes a huge difference to us as it gives us a lead,” he told the audience. He suggested
that if we could close off the other entry to Waiau Pa Clarks Beach it would be even more of
a deterrent.

With this in mind the audience was asked if they would be behind raising funds for a second
camera. All present agreed that on the strength of the success of the first camera, this would
be a worthwhile exercise. The good news is that technology has improved in the last few
years to the extent that the cost of a second camera would be considerably less than the
original one.

The meeting concluded with Graham and John agreeing to look into the feasibility of a
second camera. They will report back to the community in due course.