Here today gone tomorrow

Local author Elaine Blick’s latest book, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, will be published in time for Christmas

It is a travelogue with a difference. Two retired women: Pat Seyb,( who used to live at Clarks Beach) and myself, set off in a campervan from London to tour Europe. Neither of us had driven a campervan before and what is more we had no experience of driving on the right. You might think this was a recipe for disaster, but we came through somehow.

We journeyed through four countries: France, Spain, Switzerland and Germany and covered 4000 miles in the space of a month, often bamboozled by one way systems and signs in different languages. We had some  bizarre experiences and a particularly frightening one on the Riviera in France but mostly we met with kindness from people we met in all countries.

For those of you who are disappointed you cannot travel to Europe at this time this book should give you a taste of what it was like once. This is a rather eccentric travel story and quite funny in places.

I am hoping to have a book launch before Christmas – if the books arrive in time. I will put a notice on the Grapevine to announce the date.

I have made a DVD of the journey which is available now if you would like to contact me. I am giving these away free with the book or for $2 separately.