BMX track reinstated at Clarks Beach

By Nick Borland

The dream to reinstate our local Clarks Beach BMX / pump track has become a reality, this summer.

Our community, old and young, are thrilled with the results so far, with many of our local kids having a new place to gather, to have fun, and test our their BMX riding skills.

The process of getting this project off the ground has taken a number of months, however with the help of Allan Cole and Sam Isaia from Auckland Council, we have been able to get started. It has been humbling to see how many members of our community have pulled together by providing physical labour, supplying materials, equipment and expertise to get it up and running. Thanks so much to all the grandparents, mums, dads and children for the time and effort you have given to this project!

We still have plenty of work to go; more working bees will be required to refine the current jumps and create the pump track. But the good news is, since the 9th of January 2021, when the first jumps were created, it has provided many hours of recreation.

This is a two stage project. The first stage being a BMX track for the older and more capable riders, and the second stage is a pump track forriders of all skill levels.

The BMX track is predominately made of clay, so the surface will change based on weather and use. Over time, from repetitive watering and compacting, the changes in the track’s surface should slowly stabilise.

In order to enjoy the track to your full potential, please ensure that you or your child’s tyres are inflated correctly, brakes are functioning well, and most importantly helmets (and any other protective gear) are worn. It is highly recommended that first time users explore the track at a moderate pace to begin with, to get a feel for the layout before giving it their all.

If you have any questions regarding the BMX track, contact Nick Borland – Track Project Manager and Community Council Liaison.
Happy riding!